Monday, May 30, 2011

Time out from the Blog in Real Time

The next "Blog in Real Time" post may not come again until late June.  I was actually surprised at how much material I was able to post for April and May !  I must check my sources though, and this break allows me to make a couple observations and seek feedback.

I'm wondering for those of you following how well it plays.  The Civil War soldier was immersed in the great excitement and events of the day, whereas some readers of the blog need background information.  I'm wondering if the real time posts are as effective as I thought they might be.  The excitement level was high on both sides at this early period of the war.  I'm not sure the posts capture that reality.  Certainly there has been enough interesting material so far.  (I thought posting links to a site listing daily occurrences might be useful.) 

I was only late with a post one time so far, however I added material to the May 25th post after the fact.  I also have pictures to add to some of these posts - retroactively.

 So far, I haven't wanted to interrupt the flow of the posts with other subjects.  For instance, last week I posted a new page at my website, without announcing it here.  I'll write about that next.

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