Friday, November 25, 2011

Harper's Ferry, 1861, Revisited

The web page at my site titled, "Nine Weeks at Harper's Ferry" has been updated with new material and css code.  There is a technical glitch in the page design that shows up in my firefox browser.  The blue column at screen left does not scroll to the bottom.  Other than that distracting problem, there is a lot of new information.

Correspondence with research volunteer Eugene Wilkins and Supervising Park Ranger David Fox, at Harper's Ferry N.P. in early 2010 clarified several key locations of the skirmishes and activities of the 13th Mass soldiers, who picketed the river in the Fall of 1861. More information came to light this summer when I corresponded with Paul Brodeur of the Marlboro, Mass. Historical Society.  Other new material cropped up during the 3 years since I built the page, so it was time for an update.

I've always been proud of this page because the period was not written about in Charles E. Davis, jr.'s regimental history, "Three Years in the Army."   Some information is given in Sgt. Austin Stearns Memoir, "Three Years With Company K," but there is not enough detail.

I have added the following information to the page:

News accounts from the Boston City Gazette, the Philadelphia Inquier and the Westboro Transcript. This includes information about the John Brown Bell, the burning of Herr's Mill, and more.  There is also a little more information on Mr. Abraham Herr, and his claim to the govt. for rent money.

A section on civil engineer Lauriman Russell, Co. I, (pictured) and his maps.

Information on the final resting place of private John L. Spencer, first man of the regiment killed by the enemy.

A photo of California 49er, private Chandler Robbins, of Co. K with a letter to the Westboro Transcript.

An excellent report of the Battle of Bolivar Heights from the Washington Star.  Also, the  report of Lt. J.W. Martin, commanding Battery K, of the 9th N.Y. artillery.

A photo of Lt. William R. Warner, Co. K with his description of the engagement at Bolivar Heights, including reference to Capt. Shriber's noteworthy command, "Company I, Run!" which is sited in Davis's history of the 13th.

A photo of Corporal George Marshall, Co. C to accompany a description of his experience at Bolivar.

A description of the "drug store" clean-out of a secessionist in town.

Two letters of Capt. Shriber were restored to Richard Humphrey's original research.  I had placed these on a different page in order to keep a strict chronology, but thought it best to include them on the Harper's Ferry page also.

And more...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to wish all my readers and followers a Happy Thanksgiving.  This blog flies pretty low on the radar screens and I'm grateful for everyone who finds time to drop by and read the posts.  You are all very appreciated.

The Harper's Ferry page of my website has been updated with lots of new material, but the new page file was corrupted so I have to re-construct it.  I will be posting it soon and writing about whats new here.  I will also be posting soon about Tim Snyder's book on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal during the Civil War, and on the John Brown Bell.

Happy Thanksgiving!  -  Brad