Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blog in Real Time - May 17, 1861 - Post #19

May 17, 1861

Letter of James F. Ramsey

Fort Warren May 17th 1861

Dear Mother,  I am very well  I should have written before but I have not received a letter  I expected one every day  I hope you will write some  The other night we had an oyster stew  to day we had fish chowder for dinner  some of the officers are getting so proud? that they dine with the men   the officer of the day who
is second in command of the fort for the time being dined with us to day  two of the captains dine at the head of the tables occupied by their men  It says in the paper that we will garrison the fort  I have seen George he is well  I cant see to write any more so good by

P.S  I layed the letter by last night because it was to dark to write  yesterday we were inspected our beds knapsacks and everything belonging to the government  They say we are to have the best uniform in the state.  I hope you will write soon  I cannot tell how soon I shall be home  probably not before a week.

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