Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blog in Real Time - May 11 - 1861 - Post #16

May 11, 1861

Letter of James F. Ramsey
James letters were graciously shared with my by his descendants.

Fort Warren May 11th 1861

Dear Mother  I arrived safe at the fort.  The Governer was here in the afternoon and reviewed the troops.  There were four more companies at the fort when I arrived  There is about fourteen hundred men now at the fort.  I enjoy myself very much, we can go in bathing when we want to.  I shall not go in to the water untill it is warmer.

Dr Parker was here yesterday morning.  Hayley is better he was on guard yesterday.  I was complimented on my drilling yesterday by one of the Officers.  Please send me a penholder and some ink  I have got some pens.  I should like a blacking brush and some blacking.  send me some apples and maple sugar  leave the things on board teh May Queen at Union Wharf 9 Oclock A.M. and 1 and 4 P.M.  Mark them J. F. Ramsey
2d Bat.
Company C

PS.  Give my love to all yesterday we were clearing the parade ground
           from your Son
                     good by.

Marlboro, Mass.
In Marlboro, Mass., the town's new rifle company continues to organize.  (Transcription courtesy of Mr. R. Humphrey, from the original company field books).

                                                         May 11th 1861.

The company met at there room
and on motion voted to choose
a committee of one on the part of
the company to procure uniforms
for this company.
                     Capt Moses P. Palmer
                      said committee

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