Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blog in Real Time - April 30, 1861 - Post #9

War preparations were zealously pursued by people on both sides.

Tuesday, April 30, 1861

     Two hundred ladies, with their needles and thimbles, met at the Town Hall Tuesday morning, April 30, at ten o'clock. After prayer by the Rev. Dr. Arnold, of the Baptist Church, and the singing of a hymn, the different garments, "consisting of four dozen blue-flannel shirts and four dozen pairs gray-flannel drawers," were distributed. The work progressed steadily for four or five hours, until the allotted task was completed.  This work was for the State.  Subsequent meetings for preparing uniforms for the Westborough company were frequently held until the 20th of June.  The result was the thorough equipment of the company (the town furnishing the material, and J.A. Trowbridge, who then had a tailor's shop, attending to the cutting) with uniform, fatigue-suit, havelock, thread-bag, towels, handkerchief, soap, and comb for each soldier.

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