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Blog in Real Time - June 29, 1861 - Post #25

     It was on this day, that the remaining five rifle companies joined the Roxbury Rifle Company, and the 4th Battalion of Rifles at Fort Independence.  The 10 rifle companies that would make up the 13th Mass. Vols. came together for the first time.  

     In the afternoon, Major Leonard met the 5 new companies on Boston Common and escorted them to the ferry dock where the steamer "Nellie Baker" took them to Fort Independence.  (The July 1 post will have more information.)  The two companies from Marlboro, with the Westboro Rifles, Natick Mechanic Rifles, and  Stoneham's Grey Eagles were enthusiastically received by the men they were joining.

     The following description of Company K, comes from the History of Westboro.

Westborough - COMPANY K

After weeks of preparation, on the 29th of June the Rifle Company departed to Fort Independence, Boston Harbor, and on the 16th of July was mustered into service for three years as Company K, Thirteenth Regiment, Mass. Vols.  The following Westborough men were in the ranks: -

William P. Blackmer, Captain.
William B. Kimball, First Sergeant.
Abner R. Greenwood, Sergeant.
William W. Fay, Sergeant.
William R. Warner, Sergeant.
Augustus Allen, Corporal.
John Jones, Corporal.
William H. Sibley, Corporal.
Alfred L. Sanborn, Corporal.
Melzar G. Turner, Corporal.
Sidney Barstow.
Isaiah H. Beals.
Charles R. Brigham.
Harrison M. Brigham.
Francis A. Brigham.
Emory Bullard.
John S. Burnap.
Thomas copeland.
John Copeland.
John H. Crowley.
Wallace H. Cushman.
Ira L. Donovan.
George R. Douglas.
Charles Drayton.
George F. Emery.
Joseph H. Fairbanks.
Hollis H. Fairbanks.
Henry A. Fairbanks.
Charles M. Fay.
John Fly.
William H. Forbush.
John Glidden.
George C. Haraden.
Frank A. Harrington.
Lyman Haskell.
Hiram G. Hodgkins.
John Lackey.
Edward Lee.
Alden Lovell.
Michael Lynch.
Chandler Robbins.
Harvey C. Ross.
John W. Sanderson.
James Slattery.
Frank L. Stone.
Melvin H. Walker.
Stephen Warren.
Charles H. Williams.

In Company C
Spencer Chamberlain.
George B. Searles.

In Company E.
John Burns.

At the time of its organization the company had made choice of the following officers, who had been duly commissioned by Governor Andrew ;   captain, William P. Blackmer, the pastor of the Methodist Church ; first lieutenant, Charles P. Winslow ; second lieutenant, Ethan Bullard ;  third lieutenant, John W. Sanderson ; fourth lieutenant, Abner R Greenwood.  As only tow lieutenants were allowed in the United states service, changes in the roll of officers soon became necessary.  Captain Blackmer retained his commission.  The positions of first and second lieutenants were given respectively to William B. Bacon, of Worcester, and Charles B. Fox, of Dorchester.  Lieutenants Winslow and Bullard withdrew temporarily from the service ; Lieutenant Sanderson enlisted in Company C of the same (thirteenth) regiment, was appointed orderly sergeant, and afterwards was promoted to first lieutentant ; and Lieutenant Greenwood remained as second sergeant in Company K.

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