Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog in Real Time - June 27, 1861 - Post #23


     Ramsey's stint with the 'Tigers' over at Fort Warren came to an end.  He probably had to scramble to find a new organization to join, when the Tigers services were not excepted by the Governor.  The quota of the  required number of organizations called for by the president, were filling up quickly.  Ramsey found an opening in the Roxbury Rifle Company, which became Company E, of the 13th Mass.  He arrived at Fort Independence, June 26, 1861.

 Fort Independence June 27th 1861
                       Dear Mother I am very well.  I arrived safely at the fort yesterday morning at about ten o’clock.  I was in such a hurry that I forgot my penholder.  I like the rifle drill very much we only drill four hours a day and it is a great deal easier than infantry.  I enjoy myself very much here better than I did at fort Warren because it is a great deal pleasanter.  I hope you will come down to the fort.  I signed the papers showing that I was willing to serve three years we expect to be sworn into the United States service soon.  The rest of the regiment are expected to be at the Fort this week.  It is a great deal cooler here than in the city there is a cool wind comes over the water every evening.  At night you can here (sic) the sentinels cry out the hour and say all is well they here (sic)  the clocks in the city strike.  This morning they made a mistake and cried the hour of five to (sic) soon about a half an hour.  I may come to the city in  about a week.  Give my love to all.  Kiss Hugh for me.
                                                                                                    From your son.

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