Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blog in Real Time - April 26, 1861 - Post #7

April 26, 1861
The towns in Massachusetts were busy preparing for war.

From the History of Westborough:

     The work of preparing uniforms was undertaken by the women.  On April 26, the day following the town-meeting at which it was voted to raise a military company, a meeting was held in the Town Hall to organize a Soldiers' Sewing Society.  After prayer by the Rev. Mr. Cummings, of the Unitarian Church, J.F.B. Marshall explained the objects of the meeting. It was voted to organize a society, and the following officers were chosen :  president, Mrs. E.M. Phillips ; secretary, Miss M.J. Marshall; directors Mrs. J.F.B. Marshall, Mrs. S.B. Lakin, Mrs. A.N. Arnold, Mrs. J.A. Fayerweather, and Mrs. Salmon Comstock.

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