Friday, December 28, 2012

Semper Fi Fund

     I've been wanting to post about the Semper Fi Fund since Remembrance Day in November.

      I research the 13th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry because I am interested in the personal stories of the men that did the fighting during the war.   One of my goals is to make their deeds and sacrifices known, so they can be remembered.  Each soldier has a story.  Those guys are all gone now, but there are veterans around now that we can still remember and even assist, and a good way to do that is by donating to the Semper Fi Fund.

Click the link to learn more.

Semper Fi Fund

     The fund gives direct assistance to wounded marines and their families.  I believe they also assist wounded soldiers in other branches of the service.  The organization has some ridiculously high percentage [94% +]  that goes right to work helping the wounded veterans, instead of being used up in overhead fees.   Many of these wounded soldiers have lost limbs from IED's, improvised explosive devices.  This is a most effective way to show appreciation to  the men and women of our armed forces.   I donated in November, and I hope all who come across this post will do the same.  REALLY - Remember the veterans' sacrifices!  Check out their site and donate.

     And a Happy 1863 to everybody ! 

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