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Blog in Real Time - July 5, 1861 - Post #29

The following is from the defunct website, "Letters of the Civil War" by Tom Hayes.
Excursion to Fort Independence 

     In consequence of the desire of our City Government to avoid everything that has the least tendency to a prodigality in the expenditure of the public money, they have this year concluded to forego the usual annual excursion down the harbor. On last Friday afternoon they did, however, make a trip in that direction, under circumstances that rendered the excursion highly appropriate. The military committee of the City Government having been tendered the use of the Steamer Henry Morrison, by the City Government of Boston, for the purpose of visiting Fort Independence, the offer was accepted, and His Honor the Mayor, with the other members of the City Government, proceeded thither. As is well known, the Fourth Battalion are quartered here, including the Roxbury Rifle Company. The visitors were much please with their entertainment at the Fort, and especially with the dress parade of the battalion under Major Leonard, which proved the Major to be a thoroughly competent officer, and the “right man in the right place.” During the absence of the Major, occasioned by the reception of the five new companies that have been added to complete the regiment, Capt. N. Walter Batchelder of Company B. acted in the capacity of Major, to whom, as well as to Capt. James A. Fox of Company A., the visiting party were indebted for many kind attentions.

The oldest commissioned officer in the Thirteenth Regiment is Capt. Hobart Moore of Natick, – Capt. Batchelder being the next in order. It is understood that the latter will be appointed either Lieut. Colonel or Major General. E. W. Stone, in his official capacity as Master of the ordnance department, also visited the Fort for the purpose of examining the ordnance. In this capacity he holds the rank of a Colonel, with a salary of fifteen hundred dollars.

As the boat was departing on the return trip, Lieut Col. I. H. Burrill, proposed three cheers for Major Leonard, and his battalion, and they were given in an enthusiastic manner, being responded to by three rousing cheers from the Battalion.

[Digital Transcription by James Burton]

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