Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pope's Retreat

The new webpage is finally up at  The page is long with lots of large pictures so it should scare off any of the few visitors that might be interested in checking it out.

The page covers the history of the "13th Mass" from Aug 9th 1862 - August 28th 1862; from the Battle of Cedar Mountain to the engagement at Thoroughfare Gap. Two days later on August 30th the regiment participated in the 2nd Battle of Bull Run, on Chinn Ridge. I will be devoting an entire page of the website to this subject.

The military situation changed nearly every day during the two week period known as Pope's Retreat. I've added more narration to this page than usual to set the stage for any visitors. There is some repetition in the narration. Events are summarized in the introduction at the top of the page, but repeated in the various page 'sections' in case a visitor jumps around. This way they will still learn what is happening.

It was at times easy to loose sight of the 13th Mass while building the page. I branched out a bit to include bits on the Union Cavalry raid to Verdiersville, the Confederate raid to Catlett's Station, Herman Haupt and the Orange & Alexandria Railroad, and many other topics.

Initially the page went up to August 30th. But I cut out the last section and decided to put it onto the next page. It just seemed like too much.

The new page ends with Charles Roundy's, opinionated reminiscences of Pope's Retreat.  For those of you who believe in spirits,  I think Roundy himself gave me a gentle tap on the shoulder to use this resource - I hadn't planned to use it, except for a short bit, but how I changed my mind is the subject of another blog post.

Here is the link:

Hope you all enjoy it, and with this task at hand completed, I will have more time for regular blog posts !

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