Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blog in Real Time - July 11, 1861 - Post #30

The following is from the defunct website "Letters of the Civil War" by Tom Hayes.
JULY 11, 1861.

The advent of the Roxbury Rifle Company among us on the Fourth it is said, took some of our citizens completely by surprise.  Their discipline and general appearance having exceeded the most ardent expectations, which gained for them the bestowal of many favors, and the unqualified approbation of all.  In the afternoon, the committee on celebrating the day, gave them a fine dinner at the Norfolk House, after which a few hours were spent in a convivial manner, speeches and songs forming no insignificant part of the entertainment.

Alderman Burrill, Councilman Morse, Lieut. Pratt, and others, were among the speakers.  These festive ceremonies over, they proceeded to Mt. Pleasant, for drill, where they astonished their many friends by the faultless execution of their various evolutions, especially in wheeling in double quick time.  From there they proceeded to Meeting House Hill, where they went through with similar movements, which elicited hearty applause.

At about seven o’clock, they took the Metropolitan cars for Boston, but on arriving at Long Wharf, where they were to embark for Fort Independence, received permission from the Adjutant of the battalion, to remain until morning, which they were not unwilling to do.

Too much cannot be said in praise of this company, the members of which are nearly all young and robust men, who do honor to our city and to themselves. (Roxbury City Gazette; July 11, 1861; pg. 2, col. 3.)

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