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Blog in Real Time - May 6, 1861 - Post #13

May 6, 1861

Marlboro, Massachusetts

     The town of Marlboro Massachusetts had a rifle company, "Marlboro Rifles" which tendered their services to the Federal Government, and which was mustered into the 13th Mass. as Company F.  

From "Three Years in the Army" by Charles E. Davis, Jr.

Company F
     Company F had the honor of being the oldest chartered company in the regiment.  It was organized in 1819 as the Marlboro' Rifles, and continued its organization without interruption until it became a part of the Thirteenth Regiment.  During all this time its armory was located in the town of Marlboro'.

     For several years  prior to 1861 it was known as Company A, First Battalion of Rifles, the other companies being Company B from Sudbury and Company C from Natick;  the latter being assigned to the Thirteenth and known as Company H.  The battalion was commanded by Major Ephraim Moore, of Sudbury.  Major Moore died in March, 1861, and was succeeded by Captain Henry Whitcomb, of the Marlboro' Rifles, who was elected major of the battalion.

     On the 25th of June the First Battalion of Rifles was ordered to Fort Independence.  The Sudbury Company was disbanded.  The officers of the Marlboro' Company, which became Company F, were:

Captain......Abel H. Pope.
First Lieutenant.....John T. Whittier.
Second Lieutenant....... Charles F. Morse.
Fourth Lieutenant..... Donald Ross.

note:  This rifle company has continuous lineage dating back to December 3, 1660.  Today the unit is still in existence, known as the 125th Quarter Master Company, Massachusetts Army National Guard.

Formation of a second Marlboro' Company
     There was interest in raising a second rifle company in Marlboro.   A record of the organizational meetings is provided from the original books which were carried by this company in the field during its 3 years service.  Mr. R. Humphrey shared the transcript with me.

                                      Marlborough May 6th 1861                                                             
In compliance to General Orders
from Headquarters the company
met at the town hall for the choice
of officers.
     Major Jonathon Ladd Presiding.
After the roll was called: the company made
choice of the following officers.

          Moses P. Palmer.       Captain.
          David L. Brown         First Lieutenant.
          Alfred G. Howe         Second   “
          Samuel D. Witt          Third      “
          Samuel W. Fay           Fourth    “

                              Wm. Barnes, Clerk.  

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